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Coaching services

We live in a demanding and accelerated society that ends up extinguishing our joy and inner potential. We work in jobs that we are not passionate about, we are stressed, we demand too much of ourselves and we do not know what we really want.

To shine with your own light is to choose again. Choosing to be happy. Choosing to live this present moment intensely. Choosing to live according to our talents and purpose.

Our proposal is to help you discover your talent and purpose in life to enjoy an existence full of fulfillment, love, gratitude and joy. We accompany you in the process of self-knowledge to reconnect with yourself to release your full potential.

Live program

You will discover your deepest dreams and we will create an action plan to achieve them.

  • Growing personally and professionally
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and fears
  • Managing your emotions
  • Enhancing your talents
  • To set your life on track towards your purpose

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Millenials program

If you are in the process of change and need to reconnect with your purpose, this is your program.

  • Adapting to the new change you are going through that prevents you from moving forward and feeling fulfilled.
  • Learning to relax and manage your emotions
  • Find your talent and enhance it
  • Increase your self-esteem and be more grateful
  • Be patient and live the “Here and Now”
  • Finding the right job

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Mumfulness program

You will be able to balance your professional and personal life as well as learn to respect your time and care.

  • Rediscover your identity by listening and giving space to what is happening to you in this change so that you can be more confident.
  • Work with proposals and tools to connect with the illusion and listen to those changes in you that can help you be a better version of yourself
  • Redefining needs and strategies for living a full life in line with your values
  • Feel more security and love
  • Learn to meditate and live consciously in order to enjoy every moment in a positive way with your family
  • Feeling excitement and appreciation for your new life as a mother
  • Keys to healthy nutritional habits

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Executive program

You will develop the leadership skills we all have, achieving measurable results.

  • Clarify your needs, objectives and priorities
  • Define and visualize your goal
  • Identify your resources, strengths and values
  • Detect the external and internal obstacles that limit you (fears, beliefs, etc.) and overcome them
  • Generate effective conversations and relationships at work
  • Explore the different options to reach your goal
  • Develop a strategy and plan of action

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In Belight we design and deliver training for companies in both the private and public sector to help improve results through the best fit between people-organization-business environment. The contents that are usually given are: leadership and talent, time management, emotional management, mindfulness to enhance self-leadership, among others.