Special program for first-time mothers or mothers who feel the need to balance their professional lives with their families.

What does a mother feel and think today?

Being a mother entails an important process of personal change where fears and insecurities often take over, making her feel that she’s not enjoying this stage properly.

Whilst being focused on work and family, on many occasions she feels alone and overloaded with tasks, self-demand, responsibility, helplessness and frustration, which cause anxiety and stress. All the weight is on her, she is a “super mom”, but inside she feels the need to reconnect with her essence and feel valued.

Many times she wants to move forward but doesn’t know how to overcome the obstacles and constraints that she faces. She says she doesn’t have time. She has forgotten about herself.

We invite you to participate in a program that’s specially dedicated to you in this process of change, to accompany you, review your identity and learn to take care of yourself and listen to yourself.

We will help you to:

  • Rediscover your identity by listening and giving space to what is happening to you in this change so that you have more self-confidence.
  • Work with propositions and tools to connect with your enthusiasm and listen to those changes inside you which can help you be a better version of yourself
  • Redefine needs and strategies to carry out a fulfilled life in alignment with your values
  • Feel more security and love.
  • Learn to meditate and to live consciously in order to be able to enjoy each moment in a positive way with your family.
  • Feel enthusiastic and grateful for your new life as a mother.
  • Keys to carry out healthy nutritional habits.