Millennials are the most diverse generation of adults. They’re also the most connected generation. They are those with a higher educational level, but many which are frustrated that they’re unable to meet their high job expectations due to the economic crisis and other global events. ”

Millennial women are women in the process of change and who are willing to do anything to adapt to the adventures that come their way in life. They have changed jobs several times and feel the need to have a meaningful life. The frenetic pace of travel and change makes them feel lost because it’s difficult for them to connect with their essence and enjoy the present moment.

They want to please everyone and find it difficult to say “no” as they are demanding and critical of themselves.

Simon Sinek has become world famous since one of his interviews on Inside Quest about the Millennial generation was posted on social media.

According to this expert, young people born in 1984 and after form a stressed, unhappy and self-esteemed generation. But who’s to blame? Certainly not them.

People of this generation have a strong lack of self-esteem, in addition to not having the necessary mechanisms to deal with stress. Why? Fundamentally because of the education they’ve received, as most of them grew up thinking that they were going to have a good life and were going to get everything they wanted. Adulthood has shown them that reality is not as idyllic as their parents, teachers, and communities taught them.

Society has created a generation, the Millennial, that doesn’t know how to deal with stress, anxiety or social relationships.

This program is for you if you’re in the process of changing and need to reconnect with your purpose. If you feel disconnected from your essence and a lack of self-confidence to face new challenges.

We will help you to:

  • Adapt to the new change you’re going through which prevents you from moving forward and feeling complete.
  • Learn to relax and manage your emotions
  • Find your talent and enhance it
  • Increase your self-esteem and be more grateful
  • Be patient and live in the “Here and Now”
  • Find the desired job