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Alba Perez

I consider myself a person who is open to change and flexible, but making important decisions is something I find difficult. Choosing is not an easy path as it involves commitment and compromise. I have had the opportunity to discuss in an open way with Magda and through a coaching session channelled by key questions and followed by a visualization exercise, she has helped me to have a clearer mind and find answers to my insecurities, ask myself what I really want, what makes me happy and finally choose without pressure from anyone. By focusing on mini goals and with the coaching tools Magda has given me, I am better able to make decisions. Magda is an excellent professional who has a special talent for helping people who want to change, are or want to go through a process of change in their life. The ability to listen actively, positive energy and confidence are undoubtedly key elements for a coachee to feel comfortable with their coach. Magda has all these qualities and above all focuses on self-motivation which is fundamental to advance and grow. I have followed her in this project that she has just launched and I am sure that through her journey as a coach she will help many more women to find pure meaning in their lives and enjoy the process