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The leaves fall but the tree still stands

Published in Sin categoría at 14 May, 2020

«Do like the trees: they change their leaves and keep their roots. So change your ideas and keep your principles. “

We’re living in a time with a lot of uncertainty, fear and stress due to the delicate situation in which we find ourselves and which affects all of us.

All this has reminded me of the situation of a tree, particularly this one with such a trunk that I came across in the “The Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forest” on my trip in New Zealand. The leaves fall, but the tree still stands because it has strong roots. He knows that it is impossible not to lose some leaves in the course of his life, but he’s still not afraid. The autumns come, so do the cold winters, but he remains unchanged, even though the situation is bad, because deep down he knows that tomorrow it will be hot, summer will come, and he will recover his vitality, his strength and energy.

Maybe a day will come when the tree won’t have any leaves left. The environment is so negative that all its joy has fallen. However, he will continue standing, because he knows that the happy days will return, and he has the necessary roots so that nothing and nobody will knock him down until the light returns to his life.

Some memories will be around you, others will be blown away by the wind.

But the tree still stands, lives its present intensely, remembers its past and looks hopefully at its future because inside it knows that for all leaves that have fallen, others will bloom again, and he will be there to enjoy and feel them in total fullness.

And you, how do you want to feel about the situation we are experiencing? If you are in fear, I suggest that you start to focus on hope as it is accompanied by positive emotions such as trust, enthusiasm or happiness. Hopelessness, however, is related to negative feelings such as fear, insecurity, or disappointment.

If during these times you are invaded by fear, insecurity, stress, anxiety … remember the tree, imagine that you are that tree. You must continue standing. No matter how much wind is around you, no matter how much you are hurt or feel that the situation is beyond you, you must adhere to your strong roots, be immovable and always look ahead, because the warm and colorful weather will soon return. You must continue standing because you don’t deserve anything else. Sometimes we need moments of darkness to appreciate the light, evolve and thus appreciate the wonderful world in which we live.

“What everyone should do, before it’s too late, is to commit to what they really want to do with their life”, Matthieu Ricard, scientifically declared the happiest man in the world 🙂