Thank you for being here: My name is Magda Comas, founder of Belight and expert coach in female leadership and personal transformation.

Our purpose is to help women develop their talents and improve their personal growth from their essence and inner balance.

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Shine your light!

Do you feel stressed, exhausted and disconnected from yourself?

Do you think you’ve achieved everything but still feel empty and sad?

Do you want to change but don´t know what you want or how to start?

Belight woman manifesto

Shines with her own light and loves life
Knows how to say “no” without feeling guilty
Faces her fears and doesn’t stop
Smiles and stays optimistic about life
Lives with passion and gratitude
Invests time in herself and in others
Lives in the “here and now” by letting herself go with the flow
Is curious and doesn’t get tired of learning
Is connected with her essence and her light
Knows how to manage her emotions so that they don’t affect her



Raúl Martínez

“I worked with Magdalena on an executive coaching process that helped me to improve a lot in the goal I had set. Beyond getting that goal better, the best thing was how I felt in every session I worked with Magda from the first day, with a lot of confidence […]

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Silvia Roldán

Always I’ve been very afraid of change. I’m a person who is safe with things under control. Both personally and professional. So far I’ve had a good career in that step by step I have been achieving my goals. But one day you step out of your comfort zone. One […]

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Dora Ordinas

I came to Magda Comas at a time of many changes in my life. Although the changes were good, they made me feel somewhat unstable and I had many doubts about the best way to deal with them. After a few sessions, I already noticed a great change in me, […]

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Alba Perez

I consider myself a person who is open to change and flexible, but making important decisions is something I find difficult. Choosing is not an easy path as it involves commitment and compromise. I have had the opportunity to discuss in an open way with Magda and through a coaching […]

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